Apple Offering $200 for the iPhone 4 in Top Condition

 iPhone 4 Closeup

The iPhone 4s isn’t the big upgrade everyone was hoping for. It doesn’t seem like a bad upgrade, but there is probably little to the handset that makes users of the iPhone 4 want to upgrade. Those still on a 3G or 3GS will probably feel differently.

However, Apple is making it a bit easier to upgrade for those eligible to purchase the handset at $200. How is that? They are offering $200 for an iPhone 4 in like-new condition (via 9to5Mac). Users willing to jump in and go for another two-year contract can trade their iPhone 4 in with Apple and use that $200 to pay off their new handset. 16GB iPhone 4S for trading in your old device. Or, you can just pay extra and get yourself the 32GB or 64GB, $299 and $399 respectively.

Not a terrible deal if you qualify. Of course, that probably means that you paid quite a bit for your iPhone 4 as you likely didn’t qualify back then.



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