Apple’s Website Updated With Fan Tributes to Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve Jobs


Apple has updated their Remembering Steve page. On it are the condolences and memories sent to Apple’s email. You can see lots of kind words and thoughts going out to the Jobs family and to Apple.

Here are some of the letters you will see:


We will miss you

I had the pleasure of having many interactions with Steve during my seven years at Apple (1978- 1985). These were among the best years of my professional career. Steve was an inspiration to us and will be greatly missed. My wife, Lucy, joins me in extending our most sincere condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.



Rest in Peace, Steve

I have owned Apple products my whole life: from an Apple II, to a Mac 512k Enhanced, to a Performa 6300, to a Powerbook 500, to a Mac G4, to a Powerbook G4, to a 60GB Video iPod, to the original iPhone, to an iPod Shuffle, to the iPod Touch, and to an 8-Core MacPro and a MacMini. Back in the day, I even remember looking longingly at the Lisa during a trade show! I don’t consider myself a “fanboy” by any means. I can be quite critical of Apple products; oftentimes frustrated by the company’s decisions. So why keep buying Apple products? Because they work for me. Thank you, Steve, for providing me with the tools that have consistently made my life better. And I look forward to a great future for your beloved company.




I was saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Jobs. I have been an educator for 13 years and have used Apple products since I began my teaching career. Apple products have truly shaped my teaching and the way my students learn in a positive way. I have Mr. Jobs to thank for that. He will be missed.



You can read them here.



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