Benchmarks Show That iPhone 4S is About 68% Faster Than iPhone 4


 iPhone 4S Geekbench-1

A couple of GeekBench benchmarks have started to pop up, and if they are legit, the iPhone 4S is definitely faster than the previous model.

While the handset is due to arrive on October 14th, some who pre-ordered are getting a nice little surprise as the iPhone 4S arrives early for them.

Spotted by MacRumors, the iPhone 4S seems to be about 68 percent faster than the iPhone 4. In comparison to the iPad 2, the iPhone 4S is roughly 17 percent slower. This is probably because the processor in the iPhone 4S is slightly underclocked at 800mhz, while the iPad 2 processor clocks in at 1Ghz.

Geekbench benchmarks iPhone 4S

It’s also worth noting that just as Apple said, the iPhone 4S is definitely 7x faster at processing graphics than the iPhone 4. Definitely nice for gaming.

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