Bluetooth 4 Becomes Bluetooth Smart, But What’s It All Mean?


Apple’s iPhone 4S was the first phone released to support the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. Today, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) issued a press release calling it Bluetooth Smart and they went over a bit of what this new Bluetooth Smart standard means.

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What is Bluetooth Smart?

Currently, by the sounds of the press release, it seems as if Bluetooth Smart is just a fancy name for Bluetooth v4.0. It’s probably a push to make the name sound a bit more consumer-friendly or something. But it has a fancy new logo.


How’s compatibility?

In order to make it a bit easier to understand it all, they’ve made a nice little chart that shows compatibility across devices. Have a look:


Examples of Devices That Can Be Connected

Phones, tablets, PCs, TVs, set-top boxes, cars, and gaming consoles can all be connected via Bluetooth. Yeah, it’s most of the consumer electronics we all use.

Here’s Some More Info Direct From the Site

Bluetooth Smart devices are designed to gather a specific piece of information—are all the windows on my house locked, what is my blood glucose level, how much do I weigh today?—and send it to a Bluetooth Smart Ready device.

Examples include heart-rate monitors, blood-glucose meters, smart watches, window and door security sensors, key fobs for your car, and blood-pressure cuffs—the opportunities are endless.





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