Cards iOS Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)


Apple recently released their Cards app. The app allows users to create cards for different occasions. You can choose between Thank You, Holiday, Baby, Birthday, Love and Travel.

The Options

The options still seem somewhat limited, but are probably adequate for most cards. You can choose a theme and a photo (or you can take a photo) to decorate the front of the card. Photos can be enlarged, but they can’t be brought down from their default size. It doesn’t seem that they can be rotated, either. Luckily, iOS 5 has added the ability to crop and make simple color enhancements, so some may be able to adjust their image before bringing it into Cards.


From there, you can start entering text. There are pre-written bits, but this is where you can say “Merry Christmas” or “Love You” and personalize the words in some way. This is available for both inside and outside of the card. Inside the card is just as simple. Type up some kind words and save your changes.

The Envelope

This is pretty much, well, an envelope. You can enter a recipient address, or simply use one of your contacts. Make sure the address is correct, because you don’t want it going to the totally wrong house! After that, you purchase the card for $2.99. Apple takes care of the rest.


The Bad

It’s definitely a bit limited. It could use some more features and options that allow for more seasons/holidays, etc. The same goes for fonts and photo editing. Perhaps the biggest down side, however, is that it’s not designed for iPad. While the little app feels nice on an iPhone, it seems that the iPad would great for giving you an almost actual-sized (or actual size) look at the card you are creating.



Well, I’m not going to lie. When I first saw this, it seemed like a weird app. Put together a card, then Apple prints and sends it? Okay. Yeah. But after using it, we have to say it’s pretty nifty. It may not replace the traditional hand-written card for some, but at $2.99 for sending a personalized card (know that international rates are different), it’s on par with, maybe cheaper than, buying and sending a card yourself.

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