Caught in the Act: iPhone Catches Liars, Cheaters and Thieves


iPhone 4S

It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without smartphones like the iPhone. In some cases, it seems that the device has actually turned otherwise terrible situations completely around. We’ve talked about iPhone apps that have managed to help save lives. We’ve also covered stories of iPhone apps helping to catch thieves.

Today we learned about two more stories. One was thanks to Find My iPhone, the other, thanks to Find my Friends. Looks like the apps have now helped catch thieves and cheaters.


1) The Cheating Wife

According to this story, one man who had been suspicious of his wife for sometime installed the Find My Friends app on her iPhone 4S. It seems she was staying out late and visiting a “friend” of hers. She probably claimed that this friend was a gal, but something apparently didn’t add up. The dude installed Find My Friends on her iPhone 4S without her knowledge, and was checking on where she was.

Here’s an excerpt from his post on the MacRumors forum:

“I got my wife a new 4s and loaded up find my friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village. I’ve had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there.”

Uh oh. She’s not where she says she is. The guy then texted her asking where she was. Here are some shots:


If this guy is who he says he is, all we can say is busted. It’s hard to confirm whether or not it’s real. For instance, we don’t know if the entire story is made up. It could be. If it is, we don’t know for sure that she was cheating. Maybe her and her gal friend were hitting the bar or something, who knows, but she definitely wasn’t being honest about where she was. It’s still an interesting story.

2) Catching More Crooks

This one’s from Australia’s NT News: Two men, 19 and 24, and a woman aged 19 are regretting getting their hands on that iPhone. The thieves (the two men) broke into a home and stole a ton of expensive stuff, such as a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, iPod and two wallets along with a set of keys.

Luckily, the owner had already activated Find My iPhone and was able to track down his gear. It was found at a shopping center that same day. The police found the culprits and issued a search warrant. More stolen items were found at their home.

According the to police sergeant, this is not the first time that the app has helped find a thief. As for the idiots who thought they could get away with stealing someone’s hard-earned possessions, the two men were charged with theft and unlawful entry. The woman was charged with receiving stolen property. Justice served.

It’s Not the First Time

It’s interesting that even many of the police are learning about Find My iPhone. In the article about the theft, the sergeant even explained the features of the software. Looks like law enforcement if becoming familiar with how it works. Let’s just hope that thieves don’t catch on. Then again, if the only way you know how to obtain anything is to break into houses and steal stuff, you are probably a jackass anyway.

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