Cheap iPad Available at Apple’s Refurb Store


 iPad 2 Black and White Models

We occasionally look around for deals on iOS devices, just to see if there is anything worth passing on to the readers (sometimes, we even find a Mac at a nice price, like the last-gen Air). Looks like Apple has something nice going on (via MacNN). Right now, Apple is selling some majorly cheap iPad first-gen models. Like $400 for a 64GB wifi cheap.

This who don’t want to go with the old model can always take a look at the current-gen iPad (iPad 2). They cost a good deal more, but you can usually save about 50 bucks on one. For instance, the 16GB iPad 2 with wifi-only is $449. It’s not a huge savings, but every bit helps. Still, for someone just looking for a nice gadget, the original iPad is plenty of tablet for most users and will do most of what the iPad 2 will do with the exception of photo and video.

You may remember that the iPad price was dropped as soon as the iPad 2 was announced.

Check out their refurb store here

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