DAR.fm Lets You Download Radio to Your iPhone

Radio needs an upgrade.  Bad.


FM radio has consistently maintained relevance even into the new digital media age of on demand content and satellite alternatives.  The problem is that people still miss their favorite programs, or do not necessarily have access to them later in the same way they do with podcasts.  Now DAR.fm has been released, which is a new service that lets you record from radio stations so that you can listen to it later whenever you want.  This is a nice update to the recordable tape that you used to make mixes of radio jams in middle school.


DAR.fm utilizes an app to do this live, and is available on a number of services such as computers, smart video services like the Roku Video Player, as well as the Android Phone, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Palm WebOS Phone, and the iOS devices.  With this you can download the RSSRadio app, at least in its “Lite” version, and begin to download “podcasts” to your iPhone.  You can record the radio shows from the DAR.fm website, and once it is done it will give you a unique download URL.  Once back on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you will go to the free RSSRadio app and then choose to add the download URL you were given in the same way you would enter an RSS feed.


It will then show you the downloads that you completed, and you can choose to subscribe.  This will initiate it so that all downloads that you do in the future will automatically be displayed without having to enter in a unique URL, which is the benefit of working with an app built on the RSS feed framework.  You will need to alter the settings so that it will download all shows instead of just three, which is the preset.  This is made so that it will conform to the service, which is different than the app.


Once all the parts of your downloads are finished they will enter into the playlist, and you can then choose to play them in the built in player.  This will then keep the shows that you downloaded from the radio, and inside the app the player function works very similar to that of the regular iPod controls.


This is not going to work independent of the RSS Radio app, but that is fine since it will be able to perform the functions you need perfectly.  This will allow radio shows to become a permanent media station on your iOS device and may even begin to encroach on the podcast world that portables have made so popular.  That is only if you can set to download the shows you want at just the right time.

Learn More at DAR.fm

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