Doing Video With Your iPhone 4S? Keep a Charger Handy


Website Engadget took five major smartphones and rated their cameras. Overall, there wasn’t a lot of new information. They have a chart that shows more or less the specs of the camera. The interesting part, however, was the battery life of each of the handsets while recording video and shooting photos.

According to their findings, the iPhone 4S consumes some major battery compared to many of the other phones when taking hi-def video. It’s expected that using your iPhone to capture video will take a major toll on the battery life, but this is definitely a battery hog. They walked around town for two hours, “several dozen photos and about 10 minutes of HD video” with each of the devices.

Keep in mind this testing doesn’t seem totally formal or carefully calculated. They just walked around and used it like a normal person may. Which, in the end, is probably what matters. Below you will see how much battery life each device had left after shooting those photos and using the video camera for 10 minutes.

iPhone 4S – 30 percent

iPhone 4 – 52 percent

Galaxy SII – 53 percent

Nokia N8 –  50 percent

Amaze 4G – 29 percent

As you can see the iPhone 4S was left pretty low when it comes to remaining battery power. The Amaze 4G was around the same, but a bit less. However, the video file on the iPhone was much larger, weighing in at 390mb while the Amaze was at 153mb, both at 1080p. Check out their full report, as they go into a bit more detail.

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