Easy, Yet Expensive, Halloween Costume Made With iPads

Happen to have two iPad 2s lying around the house? Niether do we. If you did, you could create yourself a costume something like this one. (via Gizmodo) It’s a shirt with two holes ripped through it, one in front and one in back. Two iPad 2s were fitted into the front and back. Make a FaceTime call, and voilá! You have a gaping hole in your body…or at least it looks that way.

It’s a pretty neat illusion, and not hard to pull off with the right materials. Just make sure you aren’t out of range of a wifi hotspot (or just carry around a mobile hotspot, which if you own two iPads, probably isn’t a problem).

Just be careful when you sit down not to scratch that back screen.

Speaking of Halloween, we hope you all have a good one, however you spend it. If you have no major plans, why not check out our Halloween App Guide?

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