Facebook for iPad is Here (iSmashPhone Review)

 Facebook for iPad

The wait for the Facebook for iPad app was a long one. We just figured Facebook didn’t want to bother or something. There were some troubles with getting the app out there. First, we never knew for sure if it was coming. The app was complete, but sitting stagnant for who knows what.

Now it’s been released, and it’s time to finally go hands-on with the app.

It’s immediately noticeable, but the app is optimized for the iPad. Duh. You may be thinking, but that’s a great thing for users. The alternative before was to launch mobile Safari and navigate to the site, or use the iPhone app, which as many know, looks terrible on an iPad screen. It’s a nice plus to have it optimized for Apple’s tablet.


Optimized for Multiple Users

It also works out nicely because I live with my girlfriend and we share one iPad. She loves to use it to log into Facebook. This means she has to log me out and log in. When I use the iPad, I have to log her out and log myself in and so on. What’s nice about this is that I can just let her remain logged in with the app, and use the browser when I want to use it, in effect keeping us both logged into Facebook on the same device. Also nice is that if you do log out, your profile can be stored on the app. You will need to enter your password, but it’s convenient that your email is ready, so all you have to to is tap on your profile icon and enter you password.

Facebook Optimized for iPad

While the layout is strictly iPad, the functions feel a lot like those of the iPhone / iPod touch app. Many of the icons are the same and the way things work overall hasn’t changed. Most who use the iPhone / iPod touch app will feel right at home with the iPad version.

 Facebook for iPad 2

Note: These images are from the App’s App Store page as our friends probably wouldn’t appreciate us posting their info here.


The experience has been smooth, and it’s quite a pleasure to use. It’s much better than using the browser-based version, and it sure as heck beats having to upscale the iPhone app. If you’re a Facebook user, and own an iPad, it’s worth getting. It’s definitely going to replace having to launch mobile Safari and navigate to facebook.com each time you want to check your feed. Oh, and let’s not forget, you don’t have that annoying sidebar with ads and crap you don’t care about (okay, maybe someone does, but a lot of that junk is also just ads and people you may know who you really don’t know). Either way, the app is worth the few seconds it takes to download.

Check it out below:




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