Feature We’d Like to See: iOS Apps That Open in OS X

 LaunchPad Mac OS X Lion

Apple has over the years continued to work to streamline their interfaces. Their software and hardware environments are becoming gradually more unified with every update. This is evident when looking at Mac OS X Lion additions like Launchpad, which is essentially just an iOS Homescreen adapted for Mac, and with the new scrolling, which works much like iOS.

Unifying the Experience Further

Apple lately has been about bring the iPad, iPhone and Mac experience together. They continue introducing new features, such as iCloud and wireless syncing, in hopes of making their environment one where you almost don’t have to think about how to do things, you just do them. For instance, bookmarks and the Reading List in Safari.

Before, I had to email myself a link if I wanted to read something later on my iPad or iPhone. From there, I would have to open my mail in the iOS device and click the link. Now, I can simply add it to my reading list and I never have to worry about it. When I go to my iPad or iPhone, it’s there on my reading list. Sure, it’s only saving me ten seconds of work, tops. Still, it’s nice not to have to hop back and forth between apps.


iCloud and Wireless Sync Make Things Easier

One feature we truly crave is the the ability to save progress across our games. Some iPad and iPhone games are already universal, meaning the same app works across both platforms and scales well. We’d love to have things sync wirelessly or over iCloud so that we could, say, play Angry Birds or Plants vs Zombies on our iPhone while out of the house then come home and continue our game from the Mac doing nothing more than launching the app on our computer. That night, hop on the iPad, and continue from there. We look forward to a day like that and wonder how possible that is, because it would rock.


Will it Happen?

Apple is likely to be moving towards something like this. It will only take time. As it is, we’ve seen several other features cross over between platforms, so we can only expect more. We hope that developers will see it as a benefit.

We can only hold out and hope that it works that way.



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