Find My Friends: Apple Still Not Sure About Social Networking

 Find My Friends

We’ve tried to spend some time with Apple’s second take on social networking, Find My Friends. Many of us will remember Ping, which was a cool idea, but didn’t seem to deliver in the end. The problem is that it just didn’t build up and perhaps that it was embedded within the already full-featured iTunes.

What’s Wrong With It?

We’re trying to be fair. However, it’s hard to say much about the app, because none of our friends have signed up for it yet. That’s not entirely Apple’s fault. It’s up to people like us to sign up. However, I don’t have control over which of my friends decide to get an iPhone or which of my friends should sign up for Find My Friends. Something’s amiss, because a lot of them still haven’t bothered.



You can send out requests to iPhone friends on iOS 5. They will receive a notification, but it’s up to them to accept and sign up. If they don’t, then you’re going to be alone on FMF. We haven’t had any bites yet.


Ping All Over Again?

Ping was Apple’s earlier attempt at social networking. We liked and still like the idea of sharing what we’re listening to, and finding others with the same interests. The problem is that signups for that one weren’t as huge as we’d have hoped, either. Sure, there were a lot of people, but it never felt very social. Find My Friends, feels a lot like that. Great Idea, but nothing seems to be happening with it.


Giving it Time

While saying all this, it’s important to keep in mind that Find My Friends is a very new service. It’s only been around for a week. It will take a while before it starts catching on. That’s expected. Then, there is privacy. Some people don’t like the idea of others knowing their location. That’s understandable, but it makes it that much harder to ever imagine the service growing.

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