Find My Friends Uses iPhone to Identify Physical Location

Social networking is quickly making its way to the physical world.

Out of the ashes of the Find my iPhone tool that utilized MobileMe, we will now have Find My Friends.  With this new app option you can see the physical location of people who choose to share their location on a map.  This will then provide lists of your friends, where they are, what time they identified this, and how far they are from you.  This will then be able to clarify in detail using the Maps function, a nice way of creating a physical social grid to keep in touch with people.

What makes Find My Friends a nice option is that you can allow it to be shared for just a temporary period of time, which is a great way to ward off iCreepers.  The example that was given during the iPhone 4s keynote address is that your friend can share their location when they are on their way to your house.  If they get lost you can see where they are and then call them to change their directions.  There are also detailed parental restrictions that you can use on this, which is going to be important to those who have children dealing with the device.

What is actually available with Find My Friends is only in speculation right now.  Different developers may begin integrating these tools into their apps, especially different social networking tools.  You may begin to create profile pages around physical locations or yourself as an individual, but this all depends on how its use takes off once it is available.

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