Hands-On Review: Arkon Universal Tablet Windshield Mount

The folks at Arkon (or as they bill themselves, “The Mobile Mounting Specialists”) definitely have a knack for sticking iPads (and tablets in general)  in places you wouldn’t expect to find them.  We’ve already looked at a slew of their flat-panel support offerings, including their MyHandStand holder and a slew of automotive solutions.

The Universal Tablet Windshield Mount (US$39.95) stands out because it’s a head’s-up driver’s solution (unlike, say, their back-seat headrest clip).  In theory, it’s dirt-simple: a spring-loaded grip that’ll handle most 7-to-12-inch tablets/e-book readers/what have you, a lockable telescoping arm with up to 18.5″ inches of extend, and a HUGE honkin’ suction cup for anchoring on the windshield.  Not surprisingly, the whole shebang is fully adjustable/rotatable/etc.

How usable this will be to you will depend on a lot of factors: f’rinstance, unless you’ve got a 3G data plan for your tablet, you might want to think twice about using the mount to make a super-sized GPS.  (And if your eyesight is so bad that a standard Tom Tom’s screen is unreadable without glasses, why are you even driving in the first place?!?)  Still, if your iPad’s gotta go…in your car, on the road, that is…this is the mount that will keep it within easy reach, and within your field of vision.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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