Hands-On Review: Crayola ColorStudio HD For iPad

It should be pretty obvious by now that Apple wants — nay, expects — everyone and their mother to get an iPad.  Especially young un’s (the scholastic market has sustained the House of Jobs even when Big Business looked down their collective noses at Steve and Steve’s “baby computer”).  Now, it’s one thing to show you how to kidproof your hundreds of dollars of tablet investment (see our review of the Big Grips frame, f’rinstance), but what non-game apps are out there that youngsters (and we’re talking REALLY young youngsters) can excel at?

How about an electronic coloring book?

So it should be no surprise that Crayola, THE crayon people, have thrown their sixty-four-colors-and-a-free-sharpener hats into the digital ring with the ColorStudio HD.  In the Apple tradition, ColorStudio is the classic fusion of hardware and software, i.e. a crayon-like stylus that little hands can grab easily (and plays nice with your tablet’s MultiTouch display!) and a multifunction drawing/coloring iPad app.  The app is actually smart enough to distinguish between the stylus and finger gestures, so switching between artistic license and program control is a breeze, and the stylus can mimic a marker, pen, crayon or paintbrush.  Simple keep-inside-the-lines coloring can soon give way to fullblown multimedia creations (with music, sound effects, and/or animations) that proud parents can post to their Facebook pages.  Unleash Junior’s inner Rembrandt — or at the very least, Dennis the Menace — for only US$29.99!

Check out our hands-on review below:

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