Hands-On Review: iKlip MINI iPhone/iTouch Microphone Stand Holder

Let’s face it, Apple’s products from the get-go have had more resonance with the creative/artistic community than the business same.  Drawing, painting, photo manipulation, and music: Macintoshes have dominated right out of the gate.  And now the iDevices, with their “there’s an app for that” philosophy, are packing similarly creative functionality into smaller and more portable containers.  But therein lies a problem: in a recording studio or practice room full of instruments, cables, and stands, how do you safely anchor and access your teeny flat-panel device without it ending up looking like collateral damage from a Keith Moon hotel trashing?

One solution is the iKlip MINI (US$39.99), a universal microphone stand adapter for iPhone and iPod touch.  Clamp it to your mic stand  (or even boom extension) and adjust for optimal viewing and access in either portrait or landscape mode.  Now budding rock stars and X-Factor contestants can (depending on the app) follow along with sheet music or lyrics, record their performances, or have an entire stompbox rack at their fingertips.  The iKlip also pairs well with IK Multimedia’s other audio products, including the iRig microphone we previously reviewed and the iRig AmpliTube guitar amp/effects simulator interface.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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