Hands-On Review: The iGrill

Hey, you.  You with the book shelf buckling from all the cook books you’ve stuffed into it, and the cable box that automatically starts up on the Food Network.  Been addicted to cooking ever since the Galloping Gourmet first galloped across our TV screens and Julia Child first swung a meat cleaver?  Got an iDevice?  Have we got the perfect tool for you…

The iGrill (US$99.99) is a digital cooking thermometer that you can monitor and control via your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad.  Now, you don’t absolutely NEED an iDevice to use the iGrill; it works like a standard tethered-probe cooking thermometer as well, checking the temperature of your meat or fish dish and alerting you when it’s ready.  And the button-less, seamless interface makes the iGrill easy to keep clean.

But let’s face it: you ARE going to get this BECAUSE you own one of the late Mr. Jobs’ signature gadgets – and that’s where the iGrill shines.  Once you’ve downloaded your choice of free controlling app (the basic iGrill or the more feature-rich iGrill Classic), you can communicate with the iGrill from up to 200 feet away via Bluetooth.  Set temperature and cooking times manually or via presets, call up handy recipes, and further multitask with the standalone kitchen timer – even plug a second sensor in to monitor two dishes (or two areas of the same dish).

Check out our hands-on review below:

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