Hands-On Review: The Little Black Book for iPhone 4, Vol. 3

You may have seen our previous mitts-on reviews of Pad and Quill’s antique book-style iPad cases, the Contega and Octavo, and said to yourself “Self, all I have is a lowly iPhone 4.  Am I shut out from P&Q’s bibliophile-case action?”

Au contraire, mon frere.  Pad and Quill have long been supporters of “the phone that changed everything,” and their latest offering even plays nice with the newly-released iPhone 4S.  As with most of P&Q’s iDevice cases, a formfitting shell of Baltic birch acts as the protective core, while an Italian bonded leather cover (with a bookbindery cloth interior, in your choice of five colors) disguises the very iPhone-ness of its contents.  A clever satin “bookmark” makes removing your iPhone a breeze; an even clever-er acoustic channel boosts the speaker output.  The US$44.99 includes a hidden sleeve for ID’s, cash, etc.

We had only a few minor issues with the LBB: there’s no cutout for the camera (although all other controls & ports are accessible), the book-style form factor makes answering calls without a headset awkward at best, and the added bulk of the case precludes pocket carry unless you have some VERY spacious pockets.  These niggles aside, the Little Black Book is still an elegant, classy option for protecting your iPhone with style.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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