Hands-On Review: “The Woogie” iPhone/iPod Kid’s Case

Pity the household with both kids AND an iPhone or iPod Touch in it.  On the one thing, the young ‘uns will be fascinated by Mommy or Daddy’s shiny, glowing toy, and rightfully want to play with it — and that’s even WITHOUT all the kid-friendly apps out there.  (Or even all-ages attention-occupiers like Angry Birds…)  But you can count on one hand the number of parents who will just blithely hand their offspring several hundred dollars worth of House of Jobs tech and hope and pray for the best.

Griffin Technologies to the rescue!  Looking like a starfish gene-spliced with a Muppet, the Woogie (US$19.99) bills itself as “The Huggable Case and Media Player for iPod touch and iPhone…50% Stuffed Animal. 50% Speaker Case. 100% Fun.”  Once your iDevice is secured in the protective pocket, your tykes can play (and even roughhouse) without you breaking a sweat.  The touch-through clear protector gives full access to the screen, while a built-in amp and speaker (powered by AAA batteries) broadcasts every bleep, bloop, or MP3.  (Alternately, plug in a headset for those “silence is golden” moments.)  You can even download a free app which lets you sample three interactive books in the Sesame Street/Iceberg Kids collection.)

Check out our hands-on review below:

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