Hands-On Review: Zefyr 2 MacBook Cooling Fan

MacBooks may be the top of the laptop food chain, but there’s one thing they share with their [sarcasm] inferior Wintel brethren [/sarcasm]: they get hot after a while.  Bad for your lap, worse for all that delicate circuitry contained within.  Even worse, when a MacBook gets too hot, it can suffer from CPU throttling.  Scorched groin PLUS under-performing?  Not cool.

Ah, there’s the magic word: cool.  And cool is what’s provided by Moshi’s Zefyr 2 cooling system.  It’s a pair of USB-powered ventilating fans built into a foldable aluminum case.  Unfolded, it doubles as an angled rest for your laptop (which, along with the aforementioned fans and aluminum case, help suck performance-robbing heat away from your MacBook).  And before you start moaning “Do I HAVE to give up a USB port just to cool my laptop?” — chillax, the USB connector is of the pass-through variety.  The US$80.00 Zefyr works with a variety of MacBook models and sizes, including original Macbooks, MacBook Airs (2010 and 2011 versions), and MacBook Pro’s 13, 15, and 17.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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