Having Fun With iMessage (iPad to iPhone)


iMessage iPad

We decided it was time to try some iMessage. The icon simply says “Messages.”  Upon launching, you will see the familiar interface, which is just what we previously saw as the SMS app.

However, it’s been added to devices other than the iPhone, such as the iPad and iPod touch.

Here’s a quick look at iMessage at work from both sides of the conversation:

iMessage iPad


iMessage iPhone

We didn’t talk much. We just figured we should check it out and see how well it works. It works just like SMS. We sent one message from the iPad and it was received just fine on the other end. The images above show both ends of the conversation.

Others Must Have iOS 5 to Receive Messages from Your iPad

One thing to know, however, is that it seems that both users must have iMessage if you are sending from an iPad or iPod touch. Some of our friends haven’t updated yet, and it shows when we try to message them from a non-iPhone device. The “send” button will be greyed out.

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