How to Get an iPhone 4S at a Retail Store from Apple

iPhone 4S Reserve Page

The iPhone 4S is in pretty high demand. Heck, it sold more than 4 million units over the first weekend. Yeah, Apple and carriers are probably thrilled about how fast it’s selling. You know who’s probably not as excited? The folks who wanted to buy one, but are having trouble finding it because demand was so high.

Worry not. It looks like Apple has set up a reservation page. From there, you can have an iPhone 4S held at the Apple retail store until you come in. You can set it up here.

However, there are a few things to know about how it works, as website 9to5Mac was able to get some details about the reservation setup. You can reserve from your computer or the Apple Store app from 9pm to 12am each weeknight. Once you do that, you can go into the Apple Store the next day between 9am and 6pm to pick up your iPhone. After 6pm, you can still go in, but at that point it’s first-come, first-served.


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