How to Install iOS 5 GM Without Developer License



iOS 5 releases next week. October 12, to be exact. With it come many new features. Why lie? We’re more excited about what iOS 5 has to offer than we are about the new hardware.

That said, there is now a way to legally download the firmware without having to be a registered developer. Again, it’s legal. In previous versions, users had to register as iOS developers in order to download and install the firmware. It seems that for iOS 5 GM, you won’t have to.

You will also need iTunes beta 9.

IMPORTANT: We have not tried this out. We only recommend trying this if you are sure you know what you are doing. We claim no responsibility if you brick your device, etc. However, if you MUST update, please back up your device, and perhaps even do it on a spare iOS device before using on your phone.

How to install firmware manually (this applies to iOS 4.2, but the process is the same)

Anyway, here are some download links.

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