[How To] Install, Transfer and Play Android Apps On Windows PC

Bluestacks has just unveiled its App Player, currently in Alpha, which helps users install, transfer and play Android apps over Windows. Now who doesn’t want play Android apps on Windows and that too for FREE? Upon installing the basic player, you can run several pre-loaded apps, install up to 31 others, and even sync apps from an Android phone to your PC. Prior installing, make sure you have a good internet connection or else you might need to be a little bit patient due to the file size being a bit over 100 MB.

How To Install Android Apps On Windows:

1. Download and install the BlueStacks App Player (Alpha) for Windows PC

Note: First time installation usually fails.

2. Upon successful installation, an Android gadget is created on your desktop. Upon clicking the gadget, it opens a menu from which you can choose any of the pre-loaded Android apps.

Upon opening the app, a full-screen version of the Android operating system is displayed, which runs smoothly. However, one drawback I did notice. As the apps are basically designed for a touch screen device, running it over a desktop computer with keyboard and mouse was less than ideal. Moreover, a laptop with a multitouch pad or touchscreen was definitely a better option.

You can click on an option to add more apps which can only be done after you log into the BlueStacks App Channels using a Facebook account.

In addition, to transfer apps from your to your PC, you are required to first need to download the BlueStacks Cloud Connect App from Google Android Market and install it on your smartphone. Enter a unique pin number in the app which sets up the connection with your PC.

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