How to Prepare Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for iOS 5


UPDATE: Download latest iTunes from this page – Legacy iTunes Download Archive , Download iOS 5 from this page : iOS Firmware/IPSW Download Guide

iOS 5 will be released sometime tomorrow. No word on when it hits, but in the past it’s usually come around 1pm EST, if memory serves us correctly.

Anyway, it’s worth prepping your devices for release. Here’s a quick guide to doing just that.



1) Backup all of your iOS devices

We can’t stress the importance of backing up your devices. Make sure you sync all of your devices before doing anything. If something should happen to go wrong during your updating to iOS 5, you want to have all of your stuff intact. Make sure you backup, it doesn’t take long and you will be glad you did if anything goes awry.


2) Backup Your Mac As Well

Do a Time Machine backup. It’s worth taking some time to back up your Mac. This is because iCloud actually does have a Mac OS X Lion update, and the last thing you want is to have some sort of annoying unforeseen issues come up. Time Machine lets you pick up from a previous state of your computer. Keep in mind, do your iOS backups first, that way that information is backed up as well.


3) Setup Your main iCloud Device

You will want to set up a device that will be your central iCloud machine. This is where all of your other devices will have to sync from. You won’t have to plug in anymore, but the main machine will still be a main hub for your content, likely your Mac.


4) Clear Your iOS Device for a Clean Install

This is a huge pain, but we’ve read, and been told, it’s a good idea. First, it ensures that the updating process goes smoothly. The other benefit is that it allows you to take the time to look at your devices and delete the junk that you really don’t use. How many of those apps do you really even remember downloading or making use of? Clear up some space on that iOS device (and in turn all your devices).


Are You Ready for the Update?

Are you preparing for the update, or do you even plan on updating? We’re giving it a shot in the name of writing hands-on impressions. However, as with any major update that adds new features or functionality, it’s worth approaching with a bit of caution. Read up on what people are experiencing with your model iOS device and see if it’s worth it.


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You can also download iOS firmware here. We update as Apple releases new firmware.




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