How to Remove Your Photo Stream Photos



Photo Stream was designed with convenience in mind. The idea was that you could take a photo, and it would push to your Photo Stream for backup. You can see it there via other iOS devices, Mac or Apple TV. Gotta love the iCloud.

There’s one problem. Photo Stream does not offer a way for you to delete those photos. This can cause some problems if you take some photos that are less than tasteful. In order to avoid some major embarrassment, you will have to remove those photos…but how? You can’t delete it. We did some research, and figured out how. It’s a pain, but here it is.

Warning: You will have to reset your Photo Stream. This will delete all the Photo Stream content. Make sure you back those pictures up.


1) First, you will have to go to and log in.


2) Click on your name in the upper-right corner to bring up your settings. Click on Advanced:


3) Click on Reset Photo Stream to delete the photos:

Reset Stream

4) If you have iPhoto installed on your computer, you will have to launch the application and go to your preferences. Under the Photo Stream tab, deselect the “Enable Photo Stream” option. This same window will also allow you to turn off the automatic import and automatic upload features. You will get a pop-up window telling you that you will be removing photos from Photo Stream. Confirm the action by clicking “Turn Of””

5) On your iPad or iPhone, you will want to go to Settings>iCloud>Photo Stream and turn it off. You will receive a warning as shown below:

iPhone Delete PHoto Stream

There you go. From now on, just be careful what you take pictures of. Or have the automatic upload disabled.

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