How to Set Up iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 Visual Voice Mail




When you’re setting up a new iPhone, there are a few things to do. One of those is setup your visual voice mail. Some may be a bit thrown off when they pick up a new iPhone as this may not have had to do this since they bought their first one.

When setting up your visual voice mail (VVM) you will be fine if you have an existing account. You just tap on your visual voice mail and it will do its thing. Enter your pin, and you’re set.

Keep in mind that when you go into Visual Voice Mail your phone may dial into VM, no worries.  Just hung up and wait a little bit for Voicemail password prompt to apear (see image below)

If you are setting up a new one, you will have to answer a few things for the kind machine on the other end of the line and press # or * a few times in the process as you set things up for the VM settings.

When disconnected, you will get a password prompt when trying to go back into your voicemail. Make sure you remembered your pin, because you will need it to continue. When you enter your pin, VVM will be connected and you can again start to check your messages quickly from the visual voice mail page on your iPhone.

If you can’t remember your password, you will have to call AT&T for assistance, and not many of us want to be on the line with AT&T over something like that.

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