How to Set Up Siri: Setting Up Siri Assistant on iPhone 4S


Siri is an awesome little personal assistant. You speak into it, and it helps you out with whatever it is you may need. For instance, speaking words such as “Call Grandma,” will make Siri call your Grandma. However, you have to teach Siri who your grandma, husband, wife and mom are. Otherwise, it won’t know which contact to call.


1) First, go to your Settings>General>Siri


2) Under the Siri Menu, you will find some settings. Of course, you will want to have Siri on.

You will also have to select a contact for Siri to use so that it knows who you are. Select a configured contact. (We will show you more on that).


3) You can also setup Siri for Passcode Lock. This means that others cannot use Siri without your passcode. Good for security reasons of course.


4) Adding a Contact is easy. You must do this if you want to use Siri, and you must add yourself.


Fill out all the information. Siri uses this. For instance, if you say “Call Home” it needs to know which number “home” is and so on.


5) From the Add field menu, you can do a few extra things: Nicknames, Prefix, etc. Nice is the Phonetic name–less chance of Siri misunderstanding those names with wacky spellings.

6) This is important. You will want Siri to know people close to you and some of those other details. This is how you can set things up so that it remembers who family members are and more.


7) When using the dictation, you will hit the mic icon at the bottom of the keyboard as shown below. It’s very awesome for returning texts, and the voice recognition is wonderful.


8) Wait for Siri to beep. Otherwise, it may not capture your full message. Hit “Done” when you’ve said what you need to say. We have also found that it seems to understand punctuation. Saying, something like “period” will make Siri add a period to the end of a sentence.


Additional Thoughts on Siri

Siri seems pretty cool so far. It does some things right, and still does some things wrong. It’s in beta, so we expect it to take time. It’s all a learning process. Siri learns a bit about the user, and the user learns a bit about Siri. See Colbert try to use Siri to write his show.

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