How to Update Your Apple TV Firmware

Apple TV - 2G

Along with the major updates we’ve been hearing/reading so much about came the Apple TV firmware update. Apple TV is a pretty cool little set-top box, but it doesn’t get a whole lot of recognition.

Another thing we know about Apple TV is that updates aren’t always apparent. Unlike the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, you aren’t given a notification when something is available (at least none that we’ve seen).

This is what you have to do to update. It’s also a good way to check for any available updates:

1.Select Settings >General using your Apple Remote.

2.Click Update Software. At this time your Apple TV checks to see if an update is available and a download message should appear if an update is available.

3. Click Download and Install to start the download process. It’s all very quick and easy.

Know that if you don’t go that route, you can also update by downloading the firmware (direct download link for Apple TV firmware) and install it on your Apple TV by connecting it via USB to your computer and doing a firmware update.


When that’s done, you will have a few new features:


Wall Street Journal Live:



NHL Channel:


And of course, Photo Stream:


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