If the Rumored Apple HDTV is Real, Jeff Robbin is Behind it



We use the iMac image to represent a TV, because it would make a pretty sexy HDTV set.

We’ve been hearing quite a few rumors about the Apple-branded HDTV. It’s expected. Everyone is currently basing much of this on words spoken by Steve Jobs during one of his last interviews with biographer Walter Isaacson. Steve said that the TV was one of his last conquests and that he believed he had “cracked the code for building an HDTV.”

If Apple is in fact working on a TV, rumors say that it’s Jeff Robbin who is behind the effort (via 9to5Mac). Robbin is the fellow behind iTunes. He was brought into Apple around 2000 after Apple had purchased his the SoundJam music player (which Robbin had developed).

The report also talks a bit about the Biography. Apparently, Jobs saw Robbin as such a valuable employee, that when Time magazine reporter met him, it was only allowed under the condition that he did not print his last name for fear that another company would come and try to scoop him up. Looks like it paid off, he’s responsible for iTunes and for talking Jobs into allowing iTunes for Windows, which brought them millions of new iDevice users.

We discussed the possibilities of such a device yesterday. You can read about it here.


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