Introducing The iPhone UI Stencil Kit For Developers

Thinking on designing your own iPhone App? Then here is the perfect tool which helps you visualize on how your app would look on an iPhone. A look at the handy tool won’t reveal much, unless you place the iPhone UI Stencil on a paper and start tracing the buttons and icons.

The iPhone UI Stencil is the only stencil on the market which helps you draw and plan on how the actual app would present the look and feel over the smartphone. Made with precision cut stainless steel, the Stencil Kit includes:

1. iPhone 4 Specifications

2. One iPhone UI Stencil

3. Zebra mechanical pencil

4. Plastic protector

5. 2 UI Stencils stickers

6.Downloadable .PDF letter or A4 sized printable template

Available for an attractive price of $29.99.

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