iPhone 3GS: This is Your Budget iPhone


iPhone 3GS

Today Apple announced the iPhone 4S. The device looks just like the iPhone 4, but has a much faster chip (A5) and a dual antenna system. Well, it’s a step up from the iPhone 4 in terms of hardware and power. However, it’s a $200 phone with a contract.

The iPhone 4 will drop to $99. What about everyone else? Well, meet your budget phone. The iPhone 3GS.

That’s right. We’ve heard much about the rumored low-priced iPhone. It seems that it’s the iPhone 3GS, which will be available free with a contract.

While it’s not the best phone out there anymore, and it’s not even standout amongst the iPhones, it’s still a pretty good phone. I know several people who still rely on the iPhone 3GS, and it does them well for day-to-day use. We’ll have to see how it responds to iOS 5, but keeping it on iOS 4 is definitely not an issue for the device.

Apple’s website is currently down, but you can check out their updates here.


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