iPhone 4S is Popular in China’s Grey Market


The iPhone 4S isn’t officially available in China, but according to reports, Hong Kong is seeing huge iPhone 4S sales in the grey market. It’s definitely a popular handset, but the it’s bad news for carriers who won’t get the handset until it launches in their territories later this year as they will have a hard time selling it if everybody has already purchased it.

What’s crazy is that people are willing to pay some HUGE money for the iPhone 4S. We’re not talking a few hundred bucks, either. According to PC Mag, they have been known to go past the $2,000 mark. Many of the phones come from overseas countries like the US and the UK, and are sold for the insane markup.

People, we know that the iPhone 4S sounds pretty awesome. It is nice, but is waiting until the end of the month really all that bad? In the end, it’s probably a better way to go, anyway. It’s always kinda iffy to buy from a not totally legit seller.

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