iPhone 4S Kills Apple Servers, CoveritLive and Others


This is crazy for what most would consider a minor upgrade, but the iPhone 4S announcement brought down a few sites. First, it was Coveritlive, which is a popular liveblogging platform for many sites. It went down almost immediately, and stayed very unreliable. We had to switch to the ol’ school liveblog method and manually update as readers refreshed.

Other than that, popular tech sites such as Engadget, GDGT, Gizmodo and MacRumors took a hard hit and all went down on multiple occasions. On top of that, Apple’s servers must have been pummeled for a while, because the site was down for a good while just as they began updating the iPhone page.

Sprint, which will soon be carrying the iPhone 4S as well, seemed to be functioning okay, but their search page was down for a good while.


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