iPhone 4S: While Users Are Disappointed, Case Manufacturers Rejoice


Based on the response, it seems that many users are a bit let down by the iPhone 4S announcement. While the upgrades seemed fair enough (Apple always just does minor updates to everything) it seems that people wanted a new case design.

If it’s any consolation, iPhone 4 owners, at least you save $200 this year. On a more serious note, some case makers are thrilled.


Yeah. Think about it. These makers spend loads of money manufacturing, designing, packaging, etc. We get to see this pretty close up, because case makers tend to send us emails with their new case designs, and press releases. Several of them have already sent us emails showing us their iPhone 4S cases, which is just an iPhone 4 case being marketed as an iPhone 4S case. It’s the same design.


The Other Way Around?

Had the iPhone 4S been called the iPhone 5 and marketed as such, along with a different design, some case manufacturers would have been scrambling to make new designs and get them released shortly after the iPhone hits the market. Still, takes them a while.


How About Some of the Other Poor Suckers?

Everyone was so positive about the new iPhone being a redesign because there were cases leaked all over the place. That teachers us all to jump the gun. At worst, we thought it would be a new design for sure. Imagine what those makers who invested in that bogus iPhone 5 case must be feeling right now. The folks who placed those orders are probably getting chewed out right now.


Here are some of the PR emails we’ve received, just for a quick glance:

CalypsoCrystal iPhone 4S Case

From CalypsoCrystal

Incipio iPhone 4S case


Proporta_iPhone 4S Case


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