iPhone and iPad Accessories With Steve Jobs’ Image Hit China


iPad Case Steve Jobs

A week after Steve Jobs’ passing, unofficial accessories for iPad and iPhone with his image on them are showing up in China. Most of then have a picture of him and the years that he lived.

There are several already out there.

On iPhone

The most common of these are iPhone cases designed with his image. Most are the popular picture that we’ve seen many times of a serious looking Jobs with his hand on his chin. It’s the same image that will grace the cover his his biography, and it’s the same image that Apple currently uses to honor Steve on their home page. There are some others, but that particular image makes up the vast majority of cases.

iPhone Cases Steve Jobs

On iPad

There are also some iPad 2 cases out there with the image of Steve. Again, these are pretty much the image we’ve seen of Steve with his hand on his chin and the years that he lived. Have a look at one of the cases below:

iPad Case Steve Jobs

The Random

Then there are some random things. T-Shirts, which somewhat make sense, I guess. They are just T-shirts with the same image we’re seeing everywhere else. Not our cup of tea, but maybe someone out there would like them.

Steve Jobs shirt

Then there is for some reason, a Mercedes SL55 parking sensor. Yes, we get that Steve Jobs drove that particular model car, but how does a parking sensor honor his memory? No idea. No idea why it would do much good to suddenly start selling those, either.

Finally, the “what the heck?” part is a Steve Jobs laser-molded head. We don’t get it, either.

[via Alibaba]

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