iPhones Make Up a Lot of Our Game Time




iPhones and other smartphones make up a major part of our daily lives. We may not often stop to think about it, because it’s just second nature at this point to whip out our phone and check our email or start playing a game, but let’s take a look at how much time we actually do spend playing games on mobile devices.


The infographic below shows what people spend time doing on their smartphone and what percentage of smartphone users use it for certain tasks.

Aside from the 39 percent who use it while on the can, smartphone users do a lot of gaming. Scroll to the bottom of the infographic to check it out.


Smartphone Mobile App Usage by[x]cubeLABS

As you can see, there are quite a few hours spent playing games on smartphones. What’s even crazier is that those on iOS devices spend on twice as much time gaming on their device than other mobile gamers. Wow.

[Infographic Credit to XCubeLabs]

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