I Know What You’re Doing on October 12



October 12 is a big day for iOS and Mac OS X users. iOS 5 is going to be released, and an iCloud update for Lion is also on the way and we’re sure a new version of iTunes will be ready. Let’s take a quick look at what’s expected to come.


1) iTunes

iTunes is the first major part of the update. It’s where our content is centrally stored and where we go when we want to backup or sync our devices. It will be interesting to see how things go once iOS 5 and their over the air updates and wireless sync come into play.


2) iOS 5

This is what iOS device users have been waiting for. It’s the latest major upgrade to come to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It adds various new features. One of the major ones is the over the air updates and the iCloud support. Also new is iMessage and Twitter integration as well as an updated notification system and more. We’re definitely looking forward to not having the blue window interrupt us during our game sessions.


3)  iCloud 

iCloud is designed to help keep your devices in sync so that you don’t have to worry about hooking them up to the computer. Think about the old process. You’d download a song on your iPhone. Then, you’d have to connect the iPhone and sync. From there, you would unplug the iPhone, plug in the iPad and sync that. All just to get that song on both devices. That will be changing soon.


4) Lion iCloud Update

Lion should also be getting an iCloud update. This will likely be done the way it always has. The computer will inform you that there is an update available, or you can hit the Apple menu and check for updates. No need to stress over that.



About Updating

Like we just said about the OS X Lion iCloud update. Most of these are fairly simple. It’s nice to backup your iOS devices before making the plunge. It shouldn’t involve much more than updating your computer and iTunes, then updating your devices.

We hope things go smoothly for all those who are updating. We will be doing so with our devices and running with our usual “first hour” and “24 hours later” impressions. Those are key for us, because the first hour always counts for us and 24 hours lets us know what kind of battery life to expect moving forward.


Things to Keep in Mind

If you aren’t 100 percent sure about the upgrade (especially if you have an older generation device like the iPhone 3GS) then you may want to wait a little while to see what people say about the battery life of the device, or how efficiently iOS 5 runs on it. We remember suffering with our iPhone 3G when we updated to iOS 4 and we’d never wish that on anyone. Even if iOS 5 does turn out to be great, keep in mind that it always takes a few tries to get it exactly right. iOS 5 may release, and we will hear people voice their displeasure, then iOS 5.X will release, and over the course of the next few months we will find that things start to move along very well. It’s the cycle of things. Expect it.




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