Macworld Expo Rebranded to Emphasize Focus on Apple Ecosystem




Macworld just hasn’t had quite the impact since Apple stopped being an exhibitor. The last Macworld they attended was in 2009.

Macworld has since had to work on refocusing the event and making it more about the third-party companies, as website MacRumors explains in their report.

It turns out that the Macworld expo is also being renamed. It’s now known as Macworld|iWorld The Ultimate iFanevent. Not sure what we think of the name, but we understand the need to emphasize the importance of iOS devices as well, and overall the entire Apple ecosystem that includes iOS devices and the Mac.

Here’s the official word:

“The brand is evolving from Macworld [Expo] to Macworld|iWorld to illustrate that the show is about the whole ecosystem of Apple products,” said Paul Kent, the event’s vice president and general manager.

The exhibits and conference sessions that have characterized past expos remain with Macworld|iWorld. But show organizers are also adding elements aimed at providing what Kent characterized as a “dynamic culture experience”

The report also mentions the Music Experience which will feature sessions from musicians who use Apple gear as well as the Film Event, which showcases how Apple’s computers and software are used in TV and film.

Macworld|iWorld will be held from January 26 – 28, 2012.

Those wanting to register can go here.


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