New Features On iOS 5 Mail Client – All You Need To Know

Since the actual release of the iOS 5, many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users have been busy on finding new features as Apple has claimed to have included over 200. With mixed feelings by users, we at iSmashPhone decided on detailing each one-by-one. We personally looked and tested each feature in order to summarize and let our readers experience the fun.

The iOS 5 Mail Client is one of the best mobile email client with the most convenient access to read and reply to email. Whereas the iOS Mail can no way be compared with an email client on the desktop as it obviously doesn’t offer the same level of functionality, Apple has left no room to criticize it. Here’s a quick look at the improvements on the iOS 5 mail client.

In previous versions, messages created in Mail were limited to plain text whereas with the release of iOS 5, users are provided with the basic formatting options. Whereas you won’t be able to find a separate button for this, users are required to select a word or a set of text and a popover appears automatically. Simply tap the right facing arrow at the end of the popover and you would get several new options. Apart from the arrows, you would also be able to see three letters BIU” which gives you three formatting options: Bold, Italic, and Underline. Select one or more to complete the task and exit the formatting menu by tapping anywhere on the screen.


Another great feature is the formatting option for outgoing messages which enables you to manually increase and decrease the quotation level. Same as the basic formatting option, this feature is remains hidden. In order to set the number of indentations and quote-level indicators, tap and hold or double-tap anywhere in the target text and then tap over the right-facing arrow in the popover. Tap “Quote Level” and then tap “Decrease” or “Increase” as many times as required.

Previously, you have been able to search the From, To, and Subject fields of messages in iOS’s Mail. With the new version of the iOS, users can now search the body of messages as well. Using the search field, type your search choose “All” tab as your option. Messages which match the search field would appear in the list below.

One of the super feature which for long you have wished for. Experience the capability to flag messages for later action. Apple has finally included this feature in the iOS 5 for viewing and toggling message flags. While viewing a received message and you can see a Details link to the right of the From field, tap the link to view the detailed header, tap Mark, which is to the right of the message date and time. You’ll see a popover listing “Flag” and “Mark as Unread”. Tap Flag and a standard mail flag is applied to the message. The message will now display a red flag right next to the Message.

Another great feature in the iOS 5 to the Mail client is the basic mailbox management for IMAP and Exchange accounts. While viewing the mailbox list for an individual account, tap the Edit button at the top of the list. A New Mailbox Button at the bottom of the list would be highly noticeable. Tap the button and give the new mailbox (folder) a new name. Save the new mailbox and it would immediately appear in the account. Tap Done and exit Edit mode.

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