Setting Up Wireless Sync for iOS Devices on Your Mac



iOS 5 has added the ability to sync your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone over wifi. This is a great new feature, and it makes it much easier to sync content across devices. Now, rather than downloading a song on your iPhone, plugging it into your Mac, syncing, disconnecting, plugging in your iPad and so on, you can sync things quickly and easily.

You will be asked to plug your iOS device into the computer the first time you sync. It will back up and sync as it has always done with iTunes. However, now you can click on your device (whether it be iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) and look under Options:

Wireless Sync

Under Options, you will want to check off “Sync this (iOS device) over Wi-Fi.” In the image above, we have the iPad connected. We also have “Sync only checked songs and videos” but that’s a personal preference because we only want to keep certain videos and music on the device.


When that’s set up, you can go to Settings>General on your iOS device. After that, tap on iTunes Wi-Fi Sync. This will take you to a page where you can sync as long as your Mac and iOS device are on the same network as shown below. You simply hit the “Sync Now” button, and it will begin syncing:

sync ipad wirelessly

The first step is important, because if you don’t plug into iTunes and set up the wifi sync, then things won’t work. We also noticed that it says devices must be plugged into a power source. In our experience, that’s not the case, but it may be a matter of battery life remaining in the device. As we learned a while back, Over the Air Updates won’t work if your device has less than 50 percent battery life.

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