Siri – A Conversation With Our iPhone 4S


The iPhone 4S has arrived at iSmashPhone HQ, and we took a few minutes to talk to Siri and see what it has to say to us. While some of us were looking forward to the voice commands (here), some of the staffers were understandably skeptical of what it would be able to do.

For one, iPhone voice control has never been all that great. Two, Android seemed to do it a lot better. Well, we are impressed with the results. Of course, we had to try some silly stuff as well.

Here’s some of what we asked Siri, and how it responded:


iSmashPhone: I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!

Siri: If you say so…


iSmashPhone: I hurt my arm.

Siri: Siri gave us the nearest hospitals.


iSmashPhone: Tell me a joke.

Siri: Two iPhones walk into a bar…I forget the rest.


iSmashPhone:  You have a sexy voice, Siri.

Siri: I didn’t find any adult retail stores nearby.


iSmashPhone: Screw you, Siri! You suck!

Siri: I’d blush if I could.


iSmashPhone: Open iTunes

Siri: I’d like to, but I can’t. Sorry about that.


Just the Start

That’s just with the first few minutes of playing. We’re sure there is plenty more to see from Siri. We’re anxious to see what else it can do. Knowing that it’s still in beta is also something as there are definitely some things that need to be worked out.


Let Us Know What Siri Tells You

We’ve just recently started playing with it. Maybe you have, too. Either way, let us know if you’ve had any funny or just fun results with Siri. Ask it some interesting questions and see what it says. Leave some comments if you find anything particularly awesome. We’re definitely checking them out.

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