Siri: Scottish Users Having a Heck of a Time With iPhone 4S

Scottish iPhone 4S uses are having a heck of a time with Siri, according to multiple reports. The problem? Siri doesn’t understand their accents. Needles to say, many of them are frustrated because of this. Not to mention, it’s meant to be the standout feature of the iPhone 4S.

While US users have had a great time with it, some users whose accents may be more difficult for the phone to understand, haven’t been enjoying the feature as much. We searched around and found the video above, and it seems to understand him pretty well overall. There are a few mistranslations, and the environment is ideal for Siri control. Still, we’re sure that things will improve with time. It’s important to remember the Siri is still in beta, and has a lot of room for growth and improvement.

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