Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Now Available

The Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson is finally here. Those wanting to purchase it can now head on over to the online retailer of their choice (or brick and mortar, if you prefer) and order or download the book.

We’ve went through the “How this book came to be” section late last night and it was very interesting. We learned that Jobs wanted Isaacson specifically for this book and that he agreed not to interfere in any way. Steve Jobs would not have to/nor would he get to approve or even read it before Isaacson was done. In other words, it was going to be honest.

In that same section (this has been mentioned before, so we don’t consider it spoiling) Steve Jobs does tell Isaacson that there are definitely things that he regrets, such as how he handled his girlfriend’s pregnancy with his first child. Still, Isaacson was granted permission to speak to many who had come across Jobs, friends and enemies alike.

We got our Kindle edition for about $17.

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