Stretch the Puzzle Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)


We went hands-on with Stretch the Puzzle for iOS. It’s a simple little puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that lets players arrange tiled images to complete a photo. In our experience, it’s ideal for casual and younger players.

How it’s Played

Stretch the Puzzle is somewhat like those old plastic tile puzzles you used to buy as a kid, and you had to slide the tiles around to complete the image. This is different in that the tiles are all different sizes, and rather than slide them around, you can switch their places. Tap in one spot, then tap in another to make that tile move to its new location.


Why “Stretch?”

The game is called Stretch the Puzzle, because the tiles stretch to conform to their space on the image, as shown below:

You can see that parts of the puzzle are stretched as they fit themselves into the overall image. While this may sometimes seem as it it would make the puzzle more difficult, it can actually be a bit helpful. For example, in the image above, if the cat’s eye looks stretched, we know it’s in the wrong place.



The game is simple, and it’s definitely for puzzle solvers. It becomes increasingly difficult as you progress (which is expected). The pieces become smaller, and judging where they should fit into place can become a bit more difficult. Still, it never becomes what we would call hard. We recommend it for parents who are looking for something child-appropriate, or for something they can play with their children and enjoy together.

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