9 Tough iPhone 4S Cases for the Accident-Prone

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We all drop our phones from time to time. Some of us more than others. Many have experienced a cracked screen, because their iPhone takes a spill and lands on the hard concrete. Horrible feeling it must be, but we suggest just having a good, firm grip around your handset.

However, that’s not the only thing to consider. It’s worth grabbing a case for your $199+ investment. The good news about all of these cases is that they are the same as they were for the iPhone 4. The body stayed the same, so all of these cases have already been well-tested and used.


1) Griffin Technology Protector case for iPhone 4S



This is the Griffin Protector. It’s a thick silicon cover that protects all sides of your iPhone 4S. Griffin considers it their “thinnest case tough enough to be a part of Griffin’s Armored line.” So it’s a tough case, but has less of the bulk. Link




2) Griffin iPhone 4S Survivor Case


This is a hardcore case. We aren’t sure how tough this thing is, but it looks as if you could baseball pitch it across the room and probably not damage your iPhone. It’s tested for extreme conditions, according to Griffin. Rain, dirt, sand, whatever you throw at it, they say. It also has a built-in screen protector to help prevent scratches and cracks. Link



3) iPhone 4S Reflex Series Case by Otterbox


Otterbox makes some sweet cases. This iPhone 4S reflex case is due for release when the iPhone 4S launches. Still, the iPhone 4S is designed exactly like the iPhone 4 was, so we’re sure it’s been put through extensive testing. Link

4)  Cygnett Workmate case for iPhone 4S


This is a giant case. It’s the Cygnett Workmate case. Cases like these are designed for users who are on the go. When you carry your iPhone around and travel through the outdoors, or do heavy work where dropping your iPhone would mean a shattered screen, a case like this is the way to go. Link

5) ToughShell Case for iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Case

 The ToughSell Case for iPhone 4S is great for those who want a tough case that will protect your iPhone. It also has a convenient clip. Those clips aren’t our kind of thing, but we know plenty of people who prefer to hang their iPhone off their belt rather than keep it in their pocket, especially with a larger case like this one. Link



6) ToughSkin Case for iPhone 4S


This is another case from Speck. It’s the ToughSkin case for the iPhone 4S. It’s heavy rubber reinforced with an inner plastic shell. Also nice is that it has a kickstand that makes it possible for the user to prop up for use as they watch movies on their iPhone 4S. Link



 7) Trident Cyclops Case for iPhone 4S

This is the the Trident Cyclops Case. When we reviewed it, it was marketed as an iPhone 4 case, but it will likely be sold as both now that the iPhone 4S is due within the week. It’s another durable case, and isn’t quite as bulky as some of the others we’re featuring today. In fact, we even reviewed if a few short months back. Watch our video review here.



8) iFrogz Bullfrogz Case for iPhone 4S

This is another iPhone 4S case we had a chance to look at close up. It’s rugged, but a bit brighter than some of the others (most of the heavy-duty cases tend to stick to grey or black). This one is black and bright green. This is another one of those cases that’s designed as dual-layer. It has a hard shell, and around that, is the rubber, impact-absorbing case. You can check out our video review here.


9) Lifeproof Case for iPhone 4S

This case is said to be waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof and snowproof. It has a great feature that allows you to use the headphones while it’s protected. It has a screw-in headphone piece that plugs the hole, preventing leakage. We go into detail on that in our video review, which you can check out here.


 Protecting Your iPhone

It’s easy to say don’t drop your iPhone. Yeah. It is, but accidents happen. It’s easy to drop your phone when grabbing it out of your pocket, or setting the phone on your lap after receiving a call and standing up 30 or 40 minutes later.


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