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Twitter App iOS

Twitter for iOS has been updated just ahead of the official iOS 5 launch, which is tomorrow (October 12th, 2011). As some may know, Twitter will be directly integrated into iOS 5, which is a nice addition.

We gave the official Twitter app another shot (we’ve used it in the past, and thought it was just okay, but wasn’t anything special compared to apps like Echofon).  All of the functions are available. You can tweet, retweet, upload images (now directly to Twitter) search, and do just about anything else you’d expect of Twitter.

Anything Great Compared to Other Twitter Apps?

For a newcomer this may be great. However, many of us have grown used to Twitter apps that did it all better than the official app. As an Echofon user, I have little reason to want to switch apps. Many may find themselves in that same position.

Easy to Use

Still, let’s try to be fair to the official app. It doesn’t do anything wrong. The navigation is easy, and you can quickly get around to do whatever you need to do. It runs smoothly. A fun feature we found by accident and liked was a find your friends-type thing. It found friends’ Twitter accounts based on contacts in our address book, there were friends there we had no idea had a Twitter account.


In truth, the app has just started to catch up to some of our favorite third-party Twitter app. It was never bad, it was just never a great app. That’s changing, and we’re sure that many will get use out of it. We are also interested in seeing what happens when iOS 5 is released and we have direct Twitter integration. We’d say give it a download if you don’t already have a Twitter app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you do, then there probably isn’t much this app can offer you.


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