Will Apple Get into the TV Market?


According to some reports that are flying around, Apple may be getting into the television market. Much of this comes from a recent interview with Steve Jobs that was revealed in his authorized biography, released today.

When speaking to Isaacson, he mentioned somewhere that Apple was working on “an integrated television set that is completely easy to use.” It would sync seamlessly with your other devices and iCloud.

Not Just a Set-top Box

Peper Jaffray’s Apple analyst Gene Munster believes that based on this, Apple plans to release some sort of fully-integrated television set. Here’s part of a report (Fortune, via 9to5Mac):

A significant hurdle to a full-fledged Apple (AAPL) television set (as opposed to the Apple TV set-top box), Munster writes, is combining live television with shows previously captured on iCloud. “Perhaps this code is precisely what Jobs believed he has ‘cracked,’” Munter suggests, adding that Apple could use the new Siri voice activated system “to bolster its TV offering and simplify the chore of inputting information like show titles, or actor names, into a TV.”


Breaking into the Market?

Apple is said to be working on this solution, according to an analyst, and that if they do take the plunge, it will be a $2000 television. We’re not sure where some of this speculation comes from, but analysts also insisted that there would be two iPhone models and that the iPhone 5 would be a complete redesign. We all learned from that one, didn’t we?


Why it May Happen

Apple has a track record of introducing devices to markets that seem impossible, or even crazy, to get into. MP3 players and smartphones are two such markets. Not to mention, their products are typically priced higher than the competition at the time of release. They just have a knack for making great things that people want to buy. A TV may be no exception. If it fully integrates with their other products, it could happen.


Why it May Not Happen

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine why Apple would want to join the TV market. It seems difficult to get into and they already have a wonderful set-top box in the form of Apple TV that does great things. What’s best is that it works with a huge range of TV sets, meaning that for just 99 bucks, they have sold you an Apple product and a way to rent movies and TV shows on iTunes with the Apple interface at a minimal cost.




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