YAY! C Spire Is Getting the iPhone 4S! Wait, Who is C Spire?

 CSpire iPhone 4S

News recently came announcing that C Spire is going to pick up the iPhone 4S. C Spire isn’t a hugely-known carrier, so let’s take a brief look at who they are and where they came from.

Where Did they Come From?

Based out of Ridgeland, Mississippi. C Spire was previously known as Cellular South (via Gizmodo). It was announced by CEO Hu Meena back in late September 2011 that the company would be changing their name from Cellular South to its current name. It’s currently the largest privately held wireless carrier in the US. They were founded in 1988 and according to Wikipedia serve the following areas: Memphis metropolitan area, Mississippi, Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, and Rome, Georgia.


More About the Company

C Spire has an about page, and you can see it here. The key things are that they have a strong sense of community involvement. Here are some portions of their about page:

“C Spire shareholders and employees always make community service a top priority. In all our community efforts, our goal is to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. We do this by targeting areas such as academic, athletic, health, wellness, safety, civic and scholarship programs that improve lives and help communities thrive. Our primary community focus is on improving opportunities for education in Mississippi.”

Sounds like a noble cause.


How About T-Mobile?

According to a report from InformationWeek, it has something to do with T-Mobile’s 3G service:

“The iPhone 4 in its current state will work on T-Mobile USA’s GSM/EDGE 2.5G network, but doesn’t support T-Mobile’s 3G spectrum. With most U.S. networks rolling out 4G in one flavor or another, falling back to EDGE would be brutal. (Keep in mind, when T-Mobile is mad at its customers for hogging too much data bandwidth, it slows them down o 2.5G EDGE speeds.)”
Long story short. It’s not happening anytime soon.
What Does This Mean?
We’re no insiders or anything, but it sounds like Apple is willing to allow carriers to have the iPhone for something that’s at least reasonable enough for comparably much smaller carrier to stock the handset. They didn’t get it at launch, but they’re not in a bad spot, and it will likely help them grow as a carrier. Many users may even switch. Subscribers often seem to like smaller carriers because the smaller businesses often seem to value their customer base a bit more than the big guys. They have to. Customer service is the only real ammunition they have when competing with the giants. Remember when Avis had their campaign against Hertz?  “Avis Is Only No. 2, We Try Harder.” Sometimes not being top dog works in your favor.
C Spire’s official website: Link

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